Barefoot Bowls

Come and have a roll

Come and join in the fun and enjoy your experience with us at Club Mermaid. No previous experience is required as we will be available to help and give basic instructions. Our greens are 100% natural grass and outdoors which makes for a great day in the sunshine!


HOW MUCH DOES IT COST: $10pp Friday, Saturday & Sunday. Only $7pp Monday-Thursday.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE: Games may take up to 2-3 Hours.

AGE LIMIT: Children under the age of 10 years are not permitted to play Barefoot Bowls and are not allowed on the greens. Children under the age of 10 years must be always supervised by an accompanying adult.

HOW TO PLAY: Each player bowls two bowls from a mat that is located at one end of the green towards the little white ball (Jack). The aim is to get your bowl as close to the Jack as possible. The team closest to the Jack wins the end and gets a point. An end is completed when all players on the rink (lane) have played both bowls.

WHAT TO WEAR: Flat soled footwear (no heels) or bare feet (shoes are required to be worn in the Club).

CATERING & BEVERAGES: As the Club is fully licenced, no alcoholic beverages are permitted to be brought on to the premises. The Bar staff can set a up a bar tab for your special function and cater from sit down meals to platter options.

Please ask for a menu should you require catering.

We do not permit self-catering.